What We Believe

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." - A.W. Tozer

Core Beliefs

Below you will find a list of some of the beliefs and spiritual truths that we understand to be of extreme importance to us as a church and as individual Christians.  These are not necessarily the foundational issues of Christianity, but are distinctives that we will not release by the grace of God.  There are truths that these core values are built upon such as the Trinity, the Freedom of the Spirit, and the priesthood of all believers.  These larger issues stream through all of our core values.  These larger issues are necessary for us to hold these core values as a church.

The Word of God

We will be a Bible believing, Bible based fellowship.  The Bible is our rule of faith and practice.  It determines what we believe and how we live.  We believe that the Bible is the uniquely inspired Word of God.

Love for One Another

We will share God’s love with each other by showing genuine concern for each other’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical welfare.  This will be done through God glorifying relationships with each other.  We believe that these relationships are best nurtured in a small group atmosphere.

God Glorifying Worship 

We will worship the Lord of all creation in ways that honor Him and are relevant to the people of our culture.  Worship will focus on God and give the worshipers opportunity to respond to the presence of God.


We believe that present cleansing from sin and the infilling of the Holy Spirit are present possibilities for every child of God.  This is not legalism, but loving God with our whole being and others as ourselves.  This reality will be taught and is expected to be the present experience of the leaders of this fellowship.

Rescuing the Lost

We will actively seek the redemption of those who do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  We will do this by developing relationships with the lost that allow them to see God’s grace at work in our lives, and by clearly presenting the gospel in our public services.  We will also help to rescue the lost by supporting World and Home Missions through prayer and money.  We will also encourage those whom God is leading to be involved in mission.

Discipling Believers

We will endeavor to lead God’s children in spiritual growth by teaching the practice of spiritual disciplines that allow the Holy Spirit to increase our love for God and man.

Gift Based Ministry

We will endeavor to help every believer find a place of service based upon the particular abilities and gifts that the Holy Spirit has given.  Each person should be able to find a place of ministry that reflects his or her passion, vision and ability.

Power of Prayer

We know that God moves in answer to the prayers of His people.  We will
therefore engage ourselves in the ministry of intercession and spiritual warfare
through prayer.

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